Tyvek® Xtreme™ W50 Cargo Covers


Patented Technology by Blueye

The new Tyvek® Xtreme™ W50 Cargo Cover comprises a strong, continuous-filament, fibrous insulation layer laminated to a tough overlay of non-woven Tyvek® material. 
By combining a low-emissivity silver layer with both a highly reflective outer surface and a high efficiency inner insulation layer, the new cover performs both as a radiant shield and a conduction barrier.
The inner and outer reflective performance of Tyvek® combined with the new product's mass thermal barrier creates a protective envelope suitable for resisting the ambient and direct temperature variations found in long-haul situations such as intercontinental CRT freight lanes. The product is especially useful for cases where there are transient exposures to very low ambient temperatures and for routes where there is a potential for sizeable temperature swings. 
The special insulative fleece used in Tyvek® Xtreme™ W50 is durable and better able to maintain its thermal properties and withstand physical manhandling than plastic film and bubble-based alternatives. Plastic membranes and air pockets can be prone to puncture, tearing and abrasion damage during punishing multi-modal transit steps and this damage may compromise their thermal performance. Like all Tyvek® Cargo Covers, the new Tyvek® Xtreme™ W50 is engineered to be vapour permeable yet fully weather-resistant allowing protected pallets to evacuate condensation by 'breathing' whilst, at the same time, providing dependable protection from rain, snow and wind.




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