Tyvek® Cargo Covers for Pharmaceuticals


Don’t Worry - We’ve Got You Covered

Protecting people and healthcare products are part of our core mission at DuPont. Tyvek® Cargo Covers are used to protect a wide variety of healthcare products worldwide including: controlled room temperature (CRT) and 2° to 8° pharmaceutical products, active pharmaceutical ingredients and chemicals, and medical devices.

• Extend your cold chain break protection by hours
• Ideal for controlled room temperature shipments
• Strengthen or de-cost your 2° to 8°C cold chain design
• Validated for use by manufacturers in EU GDP applications
• Enhance shipment security with tamper-evident installation

Threats addressed:
• Solar Radiation
• Ambient Temperature Extremes
• Physical Hazards
• Harmful Gases & Vapors
• Theft & Security

We recommend our low emissivity covers for pharmaceutical applications. 

“These DuPont™ covers really offer the ultimate solution to our customers, when it comes to high quality requirements in terms of temperature control, all through the supply chain!"

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