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DuPont is structured in a way that lets us focus our expertise to solve today’s most pressing challenges, across industries, around the world.

We deliver essential innovations across four businesses—Electronics & Imaging, Nutrition & Biosciences, Safety & Construction, and Transportation & Advanced Polymers.  Together with our many partners, we’re helping to invent a better now.

From our CEO

“Right now, we’re actively building a new DuPont that's best-in-class, and positioned to capitalize on high growth, high return opportunities in markets experiencing change at an extraordinary pace.”

Marc Doyle, Chief Executive Officer, DuPont


Electronics & Imaging

We’re pursuing new technologies to make electronics smarter, enhance connectivity, and bring more color to the world

DuPont is a technology leader, serving the semiconductor, circuit board, industrial, display, and digital and flexographic printing industries. Every day, we’re solving our customers’ challenges, around connectivity, more brilliant electronic displays, and printing for packaging and textiles, among other complex challenges.


Transportation & Industrial

DuPont delivers cutting-edge solutions and future technologies to transportation, electronics, medical and industrial industries.

We provide high-performance engineering resins, adhesives, and lubricants to enable material systems solutions for the most demanding applications and environments, including aerospace, automotive, medical devices, energy production, and more.

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Nutrition & Biosciences

We develop high-value business opportunities that meet the needs of a growing population and protect our environment for future generations.

DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences applies expert science to advance healthy and sustainable products for the food, beverage, dietary supplement and pharmaceutical industries. We also use pioneering biotechnology to enable bio-based solutions that make industrial processes more efficient and sustainable.

Featured solutions
Food & Beverages
Dietary Supplements
Pharmaceutical Solutions

Safety & Construction

Our goals are simple, even when the science isn’t: protect workers and first responders. Keep homes warm and dry. Purify the essentials of life.

DuPont develops solutions that protect, shelter and enhance lives. Our expertise spans high-performance fibers and foams, aramid papers, non-woven structures, water purification technologies, and protective garments, and includes well-known brands like Kevlar®, Nomex®, Tyvek®, Styrofoam™, Corian®, and Great Stuff™.