Tyvek® for steam sterilizable bags


Tyvek® Enhances Quality of Steam Sterilizable Bags

Tyvek® can be heat-sealed to a steam sterilizable film—without the use of coatings—to make high-quality steam sterilizable bags that offer durability and clean peel features not possible with medical-grade paper.


Steam sterilizable bags made with Tyvek® can be used in both OEM and in-hospital steam sterilization processes under controlled conditions (250°F to 260°F [121°C to 127°C] at 30 psi for 30 minutes). When processed under these controlled conditions, Tyvek® maintains its exceptional tensile strength and outstanding resistance to microbial penetration.

Unlike medical-grade paper, Tyvek® generates very few airborne particles when opened or handled. This low-linting property means that steam sterilizable bags made with Tyvek® feature a clean peel that minimizes the risk of introducing particulates into a clean environment.

Another advantage of using Tyvek® for steam sterilizable bags is that unlike medical-grade paper, Tyvek® retains its dimensional stability and high-quality visual appearance following steam sterilization under controlled conditions.

Steam sterilizable bags made with Tyvek® are suitable for the processing and protection of a wide variety of medical devices and supplies such as dressings, instruments, implants, parenterals and syringe components. Steam sterilizable bags made with Tyvek® are also well suited for stoppers, rubber-lined aluminum caps and other components used for pharmaceutical packaging that require steam sterilization.

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Tyvek® for Sterile Packaging

DuPont™ Tyvek® medical and pharmaceutical packaging provides trusted durable sterile packaging choices.

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