Syringe packaging with Tyvek®


Tyvek® Enables Prefillable Syringe Packaging

Cover lids and inserts made of Tyvek®, when used with nested tubs,  help maintain the sterility of prefillable syringes ready for aseptic filling and help reduce the risk of particulate matter contamination.

With its outstanding resistance to microbial penetration and clean peel and low-linting features, Tyvek® plays an important role in prefillable syringe packaging and fulfills Pharmacopeia packaging material requirements.

Prior to aseptic filling, prefillable syringes are placed in a nested tub, covered with an insert sheet, sealed and sterilized. Using cover lids and inserts made of Tyvek® helps protect the prefillable syringes from loss of sterility because Tyvek® is highly resistant to penetration by bacterial spores and other contaminating microorganisms. Depending on the application, the nested syringe tubs are packaged in either a single or double header or reel bag made of Tyvek® and film to provide additional protection and enable state-of-the-art automatic aseptic processing.

The clean peel and low-linting features of Tyvek® are also important benefits for prefillable syringe packaging applications because the cover lid must be quickly and easily removed, typically by a fully automated machine. When opened, Tyvek® generates very few airborne particulates that could contaminate the prefillable syringes.

In addition to cover lids, inserts and bags for nested tubs, Tyvek® is well suited for use in sterilization bags for syringe closures and other pharmaceutical packaging applications.


Low Risk of Device Contamination

The unique structure of Tyvek®—tough, continuous filaments—generates very few airborne particles when packages are opened or handled. This clean peel minimizes the risk of introducing particulates into a clean environment.

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Tyvek® is easy to include into your Process


Tyvek® for Sterile Packaging

DuPont™ Tyvek® medical and pharmaceutical packaging provides trusted durable sterile packaging choices.

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