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Education and expertise are key to effective and efficient water treatment system operations. Whether you’re an experienced professional or new to the industry, we keep you up-to-date on industry best practices for water treatment and specialty separation processes through our interactive Water and Process academies. If you are just looking for an inviting place to chat about water trends and challenges with keynote speakers, be our guest for Blue Talk sessions.

With a diverse range of webinars – available free of charge and for educational credit (academies offer certificate of completion) – we invite you to register and join us.

Who should attend?

Explore new strategies and system insights, and discover best practices that enhance facility performance by clicking the registration pages below. From beginner to highly advanced, specialized classes, our expert-lead educational webinars are ideal for:

  • Engineers and operators.
  • Utility and plant managers from private and public sectors.
  • Research and application development scientists and engineers.

By subscribing to our academies, you will receive invitations for future webinars, and can begin accessing archived webcasts right away. 


What do we cover?

Enroll in our Water and Process academies and Blue Talk to build your understanding, working knowledge and insight into key water treatment technologies and application topics.

Our technology deep-dives focus on:

Our application deep-dives include topics like:

  • How ion exchange resins are used as/for:
    • Selected removal of compounds.
    • Heterogeneous catalysts.
    • Separation media.
    • Carriers.
  • How reverse osmosis and nanofiltration are used for:
    • Concentration.
    • Purification.

We also cover industries and specific markets, such as:


Upcoming webinars

DuPont Water Solutions Water Academy logo with drop of water
Water Academy - Feb. 6, 2020

Be bold against biofouling: Introducing the new fouling-resistant seawater reverse osmosis element.

DuPont Water Solutions Blue Talk logo with conversation bubble and water drop
Blue Talk - April 2, 2020

Orange County Water District: a revolutionary way of thinking water

DuPont Water Solutions Blue Talk logo with conversation bubble and water drop
Blue Talk - Aug. 6, 2020

How driven minds turn water crisis into hope.

DuPont Water Solutions Process Academy logo with process arrows around water stream.
Process Academy - July 9, 2020

Specialty membranes: reverse osmosis performance in extreme conditions