High Performance Materials

Significant advantages are delivered with our new Ultra High Molecular Weight, High Performance Polyethylene Material
DuPont™ Tensylon™ is an Ultra High Molecular Weight, High Performance Polyethylene Material (UHMWPE) material that offers significant advantages when compared to other high-performance materials. Tensylon™ offers armor solutions providers an attractive combination of cost, performance and weight to meet their design needs.

Multiple Applications:
Survivability: Tensylon™ is currently being used in theatre as a spall liner in more than 2,4000 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles.
Applique Armor: A fundamental component in a leading solution for EFP threat, Tensylon™ is fully qualified by the Army Research Labs (ARL) for applique armor applications.
Individual protection and other applications: Tensylon™ is currently integrated in shield system solutions and body armor protection and has been successfully tested for use in maritime, aerospace and architectural armor applications.

Benefits in Survivability Applications
Produced utilizing a proprietary cost effective manufacturing process, Tensylon™ also provides additional benefits in survivability applications. Unlike most gel-spun polyethylene materials, Tensylon™ has less performance variation in high and low pressure applications and has minimal to no change in the ballistic performance at extreme temperatures.
DuPont stays ahead of emerging threats such as EFP fragmentation and IED. Tensylon™ can be used based upon the threat as standalone, hybrid, ceramic backing or metal backing. It is suitable for Threat Levels II, III, IV and above.

DuPont™ Tensylon™ Advantages:
• High performance and price competitive for high velocity FSP and rifle threats
• Low back-face deformation and superior rigidity
• Reduced delamination, good multi-hit capability and reduced edge effects
• Can be co-moulded with other PE based materials
• Large processing window, low and high pressures are applicable

Product Information
DuPont™ Tensylon™ HSBD 30A Datasheet (PDF)