Nomex / Nomex® IIIA

MP3 Jacket

Nomex® IIIA

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Name Description
Manufacturer NASCO
Model 3503JN
Design Outerwear
Fabric Weight 7.5 oz
Available Colors Navy Blue
Electric Arc Rating 9 cal/cm2
Garment Ul Certification None
Reflective Available Yes
High Visibility No


3 NE 21st Street, Washington, IN 47501 Tel: 812-254-7393


    • Arc and Flame Resistance – Minimizes burn injury from an electric arc flash
    • Flash Fire Resistance – Minimizes burn inury from a hydrocarbon flash fire
    • Removable Winter and Arctic Liners Available– Transforms raingear into a 4-season garment
    • Fall Protection Access– Allows for easy use of fall protection harness
    • Stain & Soil Release – Allows garment to remain clean
    • Chemical Splash Resistance - Minimizes burn injury from splash exposure of certain chemicals
    • Steam and Hot Water Protection – Reduces risk of burn injury from steam and hot water
    • Waterproof – Provides resistance to water penetration
    • Wind Proof – Protects workers from the elements
    • Breathable & Lightweight - Reduces worker heat stress
    • Designed With Premier Features – Maximizes worker functionality
    • Multi-year Life Cycle – Reduces overall program cost

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